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We would like to share a recent collaboration with myhotelbreak.com. They wrote an article on why their customers should visit Corris Mine as part of their trip to Wales. Read what they said below:

Some of the best breaks are having memorable attractions near to where you’re staying. For our hotel guests looking for a break in Mid Wales we highly suggest enjoying a unique experience at Corris Mine Explorers.
Whether you’re visiting Corris and Machynlleth or visiting Wales as a whole. this a must see attraction. If you want to have some adventure, discovery and history in the one place, then Corris Mine Explorers is it.

Let’s find out more…
This a great opportunity to venture underground and gain an insight into the Corris Mine.  Learn about the stories of this place as you’re led into the dark mine by the expert guide.  The damp mine comes alive as you learn about this unknown world. A true Welsh adventure awaits you.

More of its history…
Around 1800 the first slate mining in the area took place in open cast pits at Braich Goch. From 1836 onwards tunnels were driven into the hillsides to reach to seams of slate deeper in the mountains.  The mine employed around 250 men during the boom year of 1878 and 7000 tons of slab and roofing slate were produced. The slab and roofing was sent all around the globe but demand stalled and the company producing these products closed in 1906.
Work in the mine continued sporadically until the 1970s when it was permanently shut.
Learn more of the history by clicking here.

Trips available…
There are different types of trips available when visiting the attraction.  It all starts at the Corris Craft Centre, where guests will meet with the guide who will get you kitted up for the walk into the mine.
Please click here to find out about the different trips available. Please note, it’s important to book in advance.

What are the prices?
•    Taster Trip: £13.50 per adult and £8.50 per child (8-15 incl.)
•    Mine Explorer Trip (2 hours): £29 per person (ages 10+)
•    Half Day Mine Expedition: £56 per person (ages 13+)
This is a fantastic trip to make during your visit to this part of the UK. Experience something different with Corris Mine Explorers.


See a sample of what you will experience on the tour.

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